We’ve entered 2021 after one of the most unusual years in human history. Because of safety measures including the need for social distancing, more businesses are online than ever before. And to find success in a digital arena that’s new for many people, it’s essential to use the right tools to boost marketing efforts. 

In this post, we’ll look at the top tools any business can use to engage more customers, build trust, and keep customers happy. The list of tools in this post will give you an edge and make your website and content dynamic compared to your competitors’ content.

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Push notifications

A push notification tool is one that will send a short message to your users through their browser or app. The magic of this tool is that it’s timely. It engages a user when they are active online and it can draw their attention right away. 

Push notifications can help with browser abandonment

It’s faster than email when it comes to reaching out to your customers and its conversion rate is even better.
Using a push notification tool can be the way to grow your business fast in 2021. If you have a WordPress site, then use PushEngage for the easiest way to make push notifications that improve conversions. 

Form tools

Your users expect your website to have a form tool . It’s a common method of communication that people use to make queries and get in touch. 

However, a form tool can be more than just fields where users enter their information and send a message. 

When a form tool is used well, it can be leveraged to carry out multiple functions that support your marketing. Let’s look at the ways you can use a simple form tool to carry out different things:

  • Build contact forms. When users have questions that they don’t need urgent answers for, a contact form serves as a great way for them to communicate with you. 
  • Grow your email list . A good contact form will integrate with email marketing service providers. When users send you a message, add a checkbox field to ask users if they want updates from you. Your users will get added to your newsletter list automatically
  • Create form landing pages. A form landing page is one where your form page isn’t forced into a specific look by your WordPress theme. You can build a landing page without any content except for your form to improve the rate at which people submit a form
  • Carry out surveys to get ideas and feedback from your customers 
  • Create an ‘ideas’ form for your audience to send you ideas and feature requests
  • Set up order forms and collect payments 

Form tools seem simple, but if used well, they can play a major role in growing your business. 

SEO tools

All the content you create, the outreach you do, or the money you spend on advertising won’t matter if you don’t understand what your audience is looking for and how your content is currently doing. 

An SEO tool acts like a diagnostic tool that reveals what people want by looking at how they behave on search engines and your website. 

SEO tools help you find the right keywords to focus on. They’ll show you what your content ranks for even how your competitors’ content does. 

With the information that an SEO tool provides, you’ll improve your chances of getting more traffic by a significant percentage. Without SEO to guide your content marketing, it’ll be like wandering around blindly without any sense of direction. 

Content and Graphics editing tools

Visual components convey as much information as your written content does. Without good imagery and the use of graphics, your content will not draw your audience’s attention even if it provides high-quality information. 

To up your marketing efforts in 2021, use content creation and editing tools like Canva. You’ll get premade social media templates, icons, and even animated templates for making social media stories. 

Ready-made templates make content creation easier

Also, if you want to have high-quality images for your blog headers without investing in expensive stock photography, you need to use a CC0 or Creative Commons Zero license stock photo side. You’ll find pictures on virtually any topic for your content. 

CC0 photography sites make it possible to use high-quality images for free

Landing page builders

A landing page is a standalone web page that focuses on one thing – encouraging users to take engage with your call to action. 

This is different from a normal web page or home page since they can have different themes and try to meet several goals at once. 

A landing page is a powerful tool to drive conversions especially when you create paid ads to lead users to your website. Or if you’ve set up a marketing campaign and need to funnel your users to one place where they take action. 

Building a high-converting landing can take weeks if not months to get right. But if you use a good landing page plugin, this can take e much shorter time. 

You’ll have your landing page up with all the right features that get users to convert. 

A landing page can help you convert users

Social feeds 

We all know that it’s critical to have a presence on social media. It’s through social media platforms and content that we can have interactive and two-way communication with our audience that’s visible to people’s peer groups. 

One of the most innovative ways to use social media is to use the content on it to populate your webpages. And this is where a social feeds tool comes in. 

For an example of what social feeds look like, here’s a website on makeup with content made by everyday users. 

Social media feeds can add great content to your website

Social feeds can add more content to your website and also create social proof by letting your audience know that other customers use your product too. 

An added benefit is that you can keep your users on your website instead of losing them to competing content on social networks. Based on how you use social feeds, customers can learn about your product, get inspiration, or view news updates. 


Great marketing and higher conversions rest on the use of good tools. With the tools suggested in this post, you’ll be able to easily create marketing strategies to win in 2021 and grow your business. 

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster , WPBeginner , MonsterInsights , and WPForms .

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