To find success doing something that hundreds and thousands of other people are doing you have to find ways to stand out. A perfect example of this would be pretty much anything on the internet. With billions of users online, only a small portion have what it takes to become an influencer, make money or even starting a successful and profitable business.

The same is definitely true with blogging.

And as we all knows, the process of launching a blog is pretty simple. All it takes is a domain name, a web hosting account and then installing WordPress. After that, you’re ready to go… but is that enough to find success in blogging and standing out from the millions of other blogs online?

In short, launching a blog is simple, creating a sustainable, and profitable one that does not drown in the sea of sameness is a little more methodical. This means you are going to need to put some time, effort and massive work into the pre-launch and planning for your blog — from day one, and forever!

Building a successful blog will take some time and you might hit a few speed bumps along the way but once you identify your unique recipe for the spotlight you will find ease in making decisions for your page that honor your goal.

Optimize Your Searchability

If you want to give your blog an edge and multiply revenue for your business, you need to have a strong handle on SEO. This is something nearly all site owners and bloggers focus on immediately. However, there is a lot of work that goes into ranking on the first page of Google, and a great way to accomplish this is by studying and learning from others who have been able to do this.

By utilizing strategies based on intent, you can consistently outrank your competitors . Whether it’s through case studies, user tools or even analyzing your own Google Webmaster Tools data, it all goes into creating the best on-site and off-site SEO possible.

Learning about how key words and phrases can upgrade your content as well as how and where to include them from a written standpoint will make your blog standout in terms of online searchability.

Upgrading your SEO practices will help you to develop loyalty among frequent supporters of your blog and generate new leads. You have the option to tackle this element on your own or to contract out the job to someone seasoned in this craft. Either way you should not sleep on understanding how SEO impacts the success of your blog.

Focus on Evergreen Content

This term is popular within this industry and refers to content that is constantly relevant. Arguably the most important ingredient for blog success, simply put, your content must be superior. If you are writing about current events or popular topics you are in competition with tons of other bloggers who all also have an opinion on what is happening in today’s world.

It’s important to let readers know why they should prioritize yours over anyone else’s. Here is an opportunity to also develop writing style, tone, and aesthetic. 

A good formula for ensuring that your content is relevant is to research what people in your niche are researching, what questions do they have. Once you identify these elements you can answer those specific questions in your posts. Although simplistic, this formula is most successful when writers really get into it and cover every angle and detail of the questions they discover in their research.

Lastly, adding in images that support your answers will help the reader to get a visual answer that accompanies your written one and enhance their overall experience. 

Create a Brand Identity

A visually appealing branding plan is just as important as the content you are contributing. It is the same concept as when you hear the saying you eat with your eyes first. If a plate of food hits your table looking like a mess, even if you were guaranteed it was the best tasting food you would be less than enthused about taking a bite, same goes for the visual aspects you include on your blog.

Other elements like a unique and consistent sign off at the end of each post or starting out each article with an update on your pet’s shenanigans will help to develop your brand.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Blogging Efforts

Of the many different ways to make your blog stand out from the crowd, one of the most important things to do is sticking with your plan. Blogging is super easy to get started, but it’s the days, weeks and months after a blog goes live that people will tend to slack off and lose motivation.

With millions of new websites and blogs going live all the time, the world of blogging is a very busy and competitive environment. In order to continually stay excited, while also seeing new visitors and increased revenue through your site, you need to treat it like a business — and every business needs to advertise and attract new audiences and customers to thrive.

With all of that being said, be sure to run through the list of tips and recommendations above. See which you are currently working on, and which you could improve upon.

The world of blogging can be a very fun place when done correctly. Don’t get discouraged, and focus your efforts on creating something amazing that you can be proud of!

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