Plus, preview our top five Brave Bison user-generated videos.

Veritone Licensing has announced a new licensing agreement with London-based international social video company Brave Bison that brings new viral videos to our collection of licensable content. 

The agreement is the third library of user-generated content Veritone has signed this year (following deals with Collab and Studio 71 ), and the first international user-generated content library. Responding to market demand, Veritone is pleased to add this international partner to our growing AI-powered content library. 

About Brave Bison

An international leader in social video, Brave Bison’s portfolio of social-first media brands have developed a combined audience of 158 million followers through its online communities and drive more than 2 billion views per month. Videos from Brave Bison’s library will be added each week to Veritone Licensing’s AI-searchable collection, which can then be licensed to use in commercials and other creative projects. 

Watch a few examples of Brave Bison’s library below:

Cute videos of animals and kids

Who doesn’t love adorable dog and cat videos and seeing kids deal with the pandemic in cute and creative ways? Videos like these are always great for generating goodwill in clever ad campaigns.;share_key=7e50a277781a5611281aea5b05a0d290

Clever dog plays fetch with himself;share_key=7e50a277781a5611281aea5b05a0d290

Kids Make A Quarantine Band With Cardboard Instruments 

Thoughtful pandemic-related videos

With the pandemic still raging all over the world, COVID-19 safety is still top of mind. User-created videos such as these capture real, touching content related to the pandemic that can be incorporated into a variety of creative projects.;share_key=7e50a277781a5611281aea5b05a0d290   

Family creates cuddle curtain for grandparents;share_key=7e50a277781a5611281aea5b05a0d290

Colorful distancing and hand cleansing

Great anytime videos

Licensed content can help producers get around a variety of filming issues and establish authenticity with the audience, as we outlined here . Videos like these can’t be re-created in the studio, giving producers the opportunity to deliver something unique to viewers.

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