Want a better opportunity to engage the growing market for Artificial Intelligence solutions focused on the data lifecycle?  Cognilytica’s Data for AI Conference, a one-week online experience is for you!  Virtual conferences that try to recreate the experience of in-person events really miss the mark.  Cognilytica’s Data for AI Conference is different – and so much better!

Addressing the Data Side of AI in a Conference Unlike any Other

September 14-18, 2020, Online Event

The event will combine an extensive library of on-demand content with live keynotes and live webinar-style panel engagements, attendee/expert matching, “ask-me-anything” style expert sessions, and educational content.

This Conference is for YOU, on Your Schedule.

So many online events try to replicate the in-person experience by forcing attendees to attend sessions at specific points in time. In the new remote reality we live in with many distractions for your time, this doesn’t make sense. Why be forced to attend on a schedule that doesn’t work for you?

This online experience is different. You can engage with live content scheduled throughout the week or you can consume hundreds of sessions that have already been recorded and made available to you on-demand. Want to engage with an expert? Schedule for a time that works for you. Attend live sessions and get your questions answered live. Or interact asynchronously with content consumed on-demand on your schedule.

Veritone will be presenting a variety of sessions delivered by our subject matter experts and guest speakers including :

  • Building Trust in Your AI
  • Predictive Analytics And Data
  • The Ethical Side of Data Usage
  • How to Cognitively Enrich Data in Legacy Systems
  • Using AI to Route Energy like Data and Stabilize the Grid
  • How AI Transforms Contact Centers in the Age of COVID
  • Best Practices to Deploy MLOps. Integrate, Scale, Monitor, and Comply.
  • How AI is Helping Public Safety Agencies Demonstrate Greater Transparency

Veritone is excited to sponsor Data for AI Week and provide our associates a FREE virtual conference Sept 14-18, that will include live content and 100+ on-demand sessions. To register and learn more, go to https://dataconf.cognilytica.com/b1vz !

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